Microfinance: Going the Extra Mile

It’s no secret that the world’s poor lack many things. Access to suitable housing, sufficient and nutritious food, clean water, education and security are amongst the most basic of human rights to which much of the world does not have adequate supply. At the heart of this unfortunate picture is an inherent lack of resources and opportunities. Moreover, scholars, economists, governments, and NGOs have earnestly debated over the most effective models of development in order to serve these disadvantaged populations in the most sustainable manner that encourages self-sufficiency rather than institutional dependency. In the 1970s, Microfinance emerged amongst these models and has since seen great success in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors as it’s given millions of people access to much needed capital.  – See more at: http://www.adelantefoundation.org/en/read-our-blog/42-from-the-field/175-microfinance-going-the-extra-mile#sthash.YW83MiSE.dpuf

No es ningún secreto que a los pobres del mundo les faltan muchas cosas. Las viviendas adecuadas, comida nutritiva suficiente, agua potable, la educación y la seguridad se encuentran entre los más básicos de los derechos humanos en los que gran parte del mundo no tiene acceso adecuado. Lo grave de este lamentable panorama es una falta inherente de los recursos y de las oportunidades. Además, los especialistas, los economistas, los gobiernos y las organizaciones no gubernamentales han debatido seriamente los medios más eficaces de desarrollo, con el fin de servir a estos los sectores más desfavorecidos de la población en la forma más sostenible que promueve la autosuficiencia en lugar de la dependencia institucional. Durante la década de 1970, las microfinanzas han surgido entre estos medios y desde entonces han experimentado un gran éxito tanto en el sector comercial como en el sector sin fines de lucro, ya que ha dado a millones de personas el acceso al capital muy necesario. – See more at: http://www.adelantefoundation.org/es/lea-nuesto-blog/42-from-the-field/175-microfinance-going-the-extra-mile#sthash.dogU221T.dpuf

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About Gina C

My interest in Latin America first brought me to Guayaquil, Ecuador for a short term summer program. One year later, I returned for a full semester. I graduated from SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, NY in May 2012 with a BA degree in International Relations, having also minored in Spanish. My internship experiences while abroad allowed me to gain knowledge regarding the social issues faced by Latin Americans, while other volunteer positions including an ongoing Spanish translation position with Kiva have allowed me to put my Spanish skills to use. My involvement with Kiva as both a lender and translator inspired me to pursue and accept my current position as the International Development Coordinator for Adelante Foundation in Honduras.

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