How can you empower rural Honduran women to improve their family’s living conditions?

$40,000 in loan capital is needed for our new Home Improvement Loan Product. We currently have over 150 clients waiting for Home Improvement Loans.

What impact could your donation make? 

  • Electricity allows clients a more comfortable home and allows them to store perishable products for their family’s consumption or to expand their businesses;
  • Improved roofing and walls prevent water from getting into the house or business;
  • Access to running water;
  • More sanitary conditions in the home;
  • Ability to create a space for their businesses that is separate from their homes;
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

Types of Home Improvements our clients make with this loan: 

  • Replace a thatch or otherwise leaky roof with a zinc roof;
  • Replace walls made of wood, mud or bamboo with cement blocks
  • Build an annex for home or business;
  • Plaster walls of house;
  • Repair or construct a bathroom or outhouse;
  • Repair or install floors, walls, windows and doors; and
  • Install electricity or running water.

Our fundraising efforts are now focused on expanding the number of clients who have
access to our Home Improvement Loans. We cannot meet the high demand for this loan
without your help!

Brenda just finished her payments in mid September on her loan to replace the bamboo walls and aging zinc roof for her home.

“I am thankful for the opportunity and I am going to keep working hard so I do not have problems making payments on the loan….My daughter is really happy, now the bed does not get wet when it rains.” Brenda is a client from Cortes who received a loan for $684 last September. You can read more about her story here.

Donate Now!  Join us in empowering thousands of rural Honduran women to create a better life for themselves and their families!

When a client attends assembly meetings regularly, pays her installments on time and invests diligently in her business, she becomes an AA client. After a minimum of three loan cycles with Adelante, AA clients become eligible for Individual Loans, including our most recent innovation, the Home Improvement Loan. This low-interest loan product enables our clients to improve their living conditions so that they can enhance their homes or business spaces. Clients are not required to provide collateral; their responsible payment history demonstrates their capability to pay back the loan. The product’s 99% repayment rate demonstrates the success of our methodology. Since launching our product last year, we have grown our loan pool to $41,260 and currently are serving 99 clients with the Home Improvement Loan. Although the loan is in high demand, we are only able to offer 1.6% of our total clients with this product. The average Home Improvement Loan is taken out for about $417.

Tulia Margarita is a committed AA client who has been with Adelante for eight years! She is currently working on paying back a loan for $1,130 but her very first loan was for just $76. Although she has seen growth in her business, she does not have sufficient disposable income to invest in home improvements. Her Credit Officer, Santos, is hopeful to be able to provide her with a Home Improvement Loan so that she can install electricity in her house. Not only would this loan help her and her three children still living at home, she would also be able to grow her business by offering perishable products including meats and dairy products. Tulia’s is her family’s only reliable form of income, as her husband left years ago for the United States in search of employment.

There are many clients like Tulia who have proven capable of paying their loans diligently and have demonstrated their need for a Home Improvement Loan. Our current available capital limits us so that we cannot provide these loans to all eligible clients. Your donation will allow us to provide more of these loans and thus improve the lives of more poor, rural Honduran families.

Donate Now!  Join us in empowering thousands of rural Honduran women to create a better life for themselves and their families!

Your donation makes a difference!

Thank you! 


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