April is…the Month of Microfinance!

Happy Month of Microfinance! The month of April is being dedicated to client-centered microfinance models. This movement seeks a dialog across various actors so that microfinance institutions like Adelante can provide more effective microfinance services that are focused on the client rather than profit.

We are happy to be featured on Month of Microfinance’s website with an Autobiography of Microfinance written by our very own Orville José Sanchez. Orville currently  serves the Roatán zone of the La Ceiba Branch Office and is also featured in our most recent blog post, A Tragic Fire in Roatán with his client Adeline. Click the link here to read Orville’s autobiography: http://monthofmicrofinance.org/2013/04/15/viewing-microfinance-through-a-social-lens/

From all of us at Adelante, Happy Month of Microfinance!

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About Gina C

My interest in Latin America first brought me to Guayaquil, Ecuador for a short term summer program. One year later, I returned for a full semester. I graduated from SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, NY in May 2012 with a BA degree in International Relations, having also minored in Spanish. My internship experiences while abroad allowed me to gain knowledge regarding the social issues faced by Latin Americans, while other volunteer positions including an ongoing Spanish translation position with Kiva have allowed me to put my Spanish skills to use. My involvement with Kiva as both a lender and translator inspired me to pursue and accept my current position as the International Development Coordinator for Adelante Foundation in Honduras.

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