A Resourceful Team

Brenda Lizeeth Oliva Milla is a proud member of the Adelante Foundation assembly group in the community of Belaire, Atlantida.  Brenda resides in a rural setting outside the town of Jutiapa, approximately one hour from La Ceiba, Honduras, where she sells locally popular meals and cosmetic products.  Recently, Brenda began her third loan cycle and is eager to continue growing her businesses to improve her family’s overall quality of life.

Belaire Assembly Group Photo

Belaire Assemby Group

At only 30 years old, Brenda concerns herself with supporting the demands of her bustling family.  She and her husband have been blessed with six children ranging in age from ten months to 14 years.  Before receiving her first loan with Adelante, Brenda and her husband lived hand to mouth selling small quantities of produce.  They were unable to save money or receive a loan from a bank in order to increase inventory and sell more goods.  Upon taking out her first loan of roughly $150.00 or L 3000, Brenda invested in selling popular meals such as fish platters or beef tripe soup called Sopa de Mondongo in Honduras.  With the extra income earned from this small enterprise, Brenda was able to bring electricity to her home.  She cheerfully recounts, “I bought all the wire and everything to get electricity in my house, so now when I turn on the lights it’s a reminder of the loans”.

With her second loan cycle, Brenda decided to purchase cosmetic products which she resells to members of he local community.  Now on her third loan cycle of $250.00 or L 5000, she plans not only to continue to invest in her existing endeavors, but to buy and raise a few piglets in order to sell for a considerable profit in six months.  Brenda talks about her loans with great pride and confidence.  She understands the importance of reinvesting and expanding activities.

Brenda is fortunate in that her husband fully supports her participation as a client with the Adelante Foundation.  In fact, when asked who is the boss in the household, Brenda contends, “we are a team, but I am the boss; after all, the house is mine!”  She and her husband work was a team in order to buttress their sales and better serve the growing needs of their children.

Each of Brenda’s school-aged children attend a public primary school in the community. Previously the family lacked the resources to make the most of their education.  Now, income is spent to improve the family’s overall nutrition and to buy much needed clothes and school supplies for her children.  In the future, Brenda hopes each of her children will be able to attend and complete secondary school, but she knows that with six children she and her husband must continue working hard in order to meet this impressive goal.


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